Stadtradeln (City Cycling)

Stadtradeln (City Cycling)

Today, I am writing about a cycling event called ‘Stadtradeln’ ( City Cycling), which takes place every year all across Germany for 21 continuous days anytime between May and September. The municipality decides the exact dates.

After attending the launch event today (4th May 2022) at Georg Buchner Platz, Darmstadt, I thought of taking my readers through this exciting event. In Darmstadt, this year, the dates are from 4th May to 24th May 2022.

What is Stadtradeln?

‘Stadt’ translates to City, and ‘radeln’ translates to cycling. It is a cycling competition where all the participants cycle and collect as many kilometres as possible. The duration is three weeks, and within this time,  the individual or team that manages the maximum kilometres stands to win prizes. The idea is to encourage people to use the cycle instead of the car and help protect the environment. Through this event, improvements to the local cycling infrastructure, if needed, are also brought to the notice of the local governing authorities.

Who can participate?

If your municipality ( Kommune in German) is participating, you can participate. You can find out if your municipality is participating using this link:

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How can one participate?

Check the official website:

It is available in multiple languages. 

To participate, one has to create an account. It can be created using this link:

You can either participate as an individual OR create a team and collect kilometres as a team, OR join an existing team.

Once you are registered, all you have to do is, start cycling and collecting kilometres. Kilometres cycled can be recorded using the stadtradeln app (available for Android and IOS) OR entered manually. What you manually enter is trust-based.

At the end of 21 days, you can check your dashboard to see how many kilometres you covered and how many kgs of carbon dioxide you avoided in the process.

Prize Distribution

This year the prize distribution was done on 4th September, in which the winning team was awarded.

Stadtradeln is indeed an interesting event. Whether you want to do it for the environment or to explore places around you, or use the bike to go to work, whatever your motivation is, satdtradeln gives you the opportunity and motivation to cycle. In the process,  you get a sense of achievement and joy of accomplishment.

In my opinion, this event gives you not only a sense of achievement but also a good feeling of doing your bit for the environment.

You can read about other events in Darmstadt here.

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