Useful Information for planning a day trip to Koblenz

Koblenz is one of the oldest cities in Germany and gets its name from the Latin word Confluentes which means Confluence in English. The location of this city is at the confluence of rivers Mosel and the Rhine hence justifying its name.

It is under 100 km from cities like Bonn, Cologne, Frankfurt and Wiesbaden and just above 100 km from Aachen Dusseldorf and Mannheim. Due to its proximity, Koblenz makes for an excellent day trip. Of course, if one decides to see more, one or two more days can be added.

In this article, I will take my readers through what can be seen and experienced in Koblenz in a day.

How to reach Koblenz?

Koblenz can be easily reached by car or Deutsche Bahn ( Germany’s Rail network). Travelling by train takes more time and can involve changeovers, but it saves you from the hassle of parking. However, travelling by car is more convenient and saves time.

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Summer is the best time to do day trips. You get plenty of day hours. However you reach Koblenz, try to reach there by 10 am. That way, you can see places, have a relaxed lunch, start your return journey around 7-8 pm and be back home before the sun sets.

Places to visit and things to do in Koblenz in a day:

  1. Start with exploring the market area and the old cityThe market area is huge, with plenty of eateries and shopping opportunities. There are many beautiful old structures to admire as you cross the market area and reach the riverside. 

  2. Take a walk along the river till you reach the Deutsches Eck, an artificial headland at the confluence of Mosel and Rhine. Here, you can also see the monumental equestrian statue of the first German Emperor, Wilhelm I. The place is surrounded by greenery, making it ideal for a picnic.


    You can spend time walking around the area, admiring the coming together of the two mighty rivers ( You can distinguish them by their colour) and watch cargo ships, as well as those with tourists, ferry on these rivers. 
  3. After spending a relaxed time at the Deutsches Eck, you can head to the cable car station, located just a few meters away. The cable car is a must-do experience in Koblenz.

  4. The cable takes you to the fortress ‘Ehrenbreitstein’ (Festung Ehrenbreitstein in German), located 118 meters above Koblenz on the east bank of the Rhine. This fortress was built on the ruins of an older fort destroyed by the French. Today it houses multiple museums. Beautiful gardens and lush greenery surround the fort. It also has a cafe with a view. Visit the fortress and enjoy the fantastic views of the city and the Deutsches Eck. After spending time at the fort, which would require a minimum of about 3 hours, you can come down using the cable car. 

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