Orangerie Darmstadt

Orangerie, Darmstadt

The Orangery, most certainly, finds a place among the beautiful parks and gardens in Darmstadt. It is located close to Darmstadt city centre and is easily accessible.

About Orangerie

The History

The garden’s most striking feature, the baroque palace building, was constructed in the early 1700s. Later under Ernst Ludwig, Landgrave of Hesse-Darmstadt, the adjoining garden we see today was designed. But for a long time, this park was inaccessible to the public. The grounds and the orangery exclusively served the royal society for festivals and gatherings. Around the early 1800s, the public gained access, and since then, public events have been taking place in the garden.

Orangerie Today

Today, the garden area has three parts, all serving different purposes:

  1. The Orangerie Palace: 

    The most noticeable feature is the palace. Originally built to serve as a winter shelter for cold-sensitive citrus plants, which adorned the surrounding park in the summer months, this palace is nowadays used for concerts, conferences, and sales events. Through Centralstation Veranstaltungen GMBH, the palace can be booked for events. The link for the same is:

    Orangerie Darmstadt
  2.  The 3-tiered garden:

    The garden is characterized by beautiful lawns and seasonal flowers that bloom in the spring and summer months. Fountains, plenty of benches, pathways for walking/cycling, and open areas for playing are additional features of this park. It is accessible to the public all throughout the year. 

    Orangerie Darmstadt
  3. Restaurant Orangerie:

    This adjoining restaurant adjacent to the palace is an excellent location to enjoy peace and tranquillity and a great meal. Its menu and other offerings can be viewed here:

    Orangerie Darmstadt

Orangerie’s beauty, its central location, and the various events attract plenty of people all through the year and make it a busy place and make it more than a simple neighbourhood park.

Here are some pictures of some lovely flowers from Orangerie from my visit in May:

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