Prinz Emil Garten

Prinz Emil Garten, Darmstadt

About Prinz Emil Garten, Darmstadt

Prinz-Emil-Garten is a park close to the city centre of Darmstadt, Germany (in the Bessungen district on Heidelberger Straße).

The Park’s History:

The garden was laid out around the late 16th Century based on the model of an English landscape park. The man behind it was Friedrich Karl von Moser, a jurist, state journalist, and politician. Over time, as the garden’s ownership changed, its appearance also changed considerably.

Prinz Emil Garten today:

Today, it features beautifully landscaped gardens, a pond where you can spot families of ducks, multiple play areas for children, a small island Pavillion, many benches along the walking paths, and a castle. 

The garden is open and freely accessible to all. Many school groups visit the park on weekdays, and the place looks lively. It is common to find the garden brimming with families and children having a good time under the sun on the weekends, especially during the summer months.

The park’s castle (der Schloss) has been put to civic use and is managed by Nachbarshaftsheim Darmstadt e.V.

About Nachbarshaftsheim Darmstadt e.V.:

Das Nachbarshaftsheim Darmstadt e.V., a club founded in 1947, is housed in the castle and has miscellaneous offerings for people of all age groups, including childcare, cultural events, projects, offers for seniors, sports courses, offers for families, language courses, workshops, and lectures.

This club ( der Verein in German) was created to promote the idea of democracy and provide a platform for people to meet and socialize. The castle was rebuilt with the help of the citizens and is today used by them through this club.

You can find more information about the club here:

Their offers are posted here:

Prinz Emil Garten is indeed a charming little garden very close to the city centre. It can be easily accessed through public transport. 

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