Staattheater Darmstadt

Staatstheater Darmstadt

The Staatstheater, Darmstadt, is a multi-genre theatre house funded by Hessen State and Darmstadt, Germany. Although there are many more theatres in the city, this is the oldest and the biggest and welcomes numerous visitors of all age groups who come here to enjoy opera, ballet, plays, and concerts. 

Staattheater, Darmstadt
Staattheater, Darmstadt: The front Facade

It comprises three main sections The Big House (Großes Haus), which has 956 spectator seats, the Small House (Kleines Haus), which can accommodate 482 spectators and the Kammerspiele, which can accommodate up to 200 spectators. 

Staattheater, Darmstadt
The Stage

Here is a brief history of Staattheather, Darmstadt.

History of Staattheather, Darmstadt

The theatre dates back more than 300 years, when it was a court theatre exclusively meant for the royal family. About a century later, Louis I, Grand Duke of Hessen ( whose monument you can find in Luisenplatz), had the court theatre open to the citizens and had architect Georg Moller build the theatre with 2000 seats and advanced stage machinery.

After that, the theatre underwent many changes, including being damaged in a fire and then restored, followed by the halls being completely destroyed during the bombing of the 2nd world war. 

The present building was opened in 1972 when the theatre was named Staatstheater. The building was designed by the Darmstadt architect Rolf Prange.

In the year 2022, the theatre completed its 50 years. It celebrated it by organizing various programs and opening the backstage for public viewing. It was a one-of-a-kind experience as it allowed visitors to peek into all the work ranging from carpentry to painting, preparing the props for the stage set up. 

Here are the Top 3 offers from Staattheter, Darmstadt

  1. Extensive range of programs and shows: Check out this page to learn about all the programs being conducted. Visitors can book tickets online.
  2. Opportunity to book the premises for large events: This works well for companies looking at a different experience for their employees. More details can be found here:
  3. Special discounted prices: There are reduced prices for schoolgoers and people with disabilities and free tickets for refugees and students doing graduate and post-graduate programs in Darmstadt. More details can be found here:

When you are in Staatstheater, visit the terrace to get a lovely view of Ludwigskirche and Georg Buchner Platz.

I have created a photo library of Staatstheater, Darmstadt. Click here to see it.

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