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My Weekly Update: 1st May 2023

I am delighted to share with my readers that I have completed my first year of blogging. There are 312 published posts on my website, and more than 30 are work-in-progress!

Those who read my articles regularly know I write on various topics like travel, food, books and my learnings.

From now on, I plan to write a weekly update mail every Monday that lists all the work done in the week. I hope my readers will find this interesting, and it will help them find my latest works easily.

So, let’s start:

  1. This week, I added quite a few articles for my readers from my city Darmstadt. All are available on the DARMSTADT-MY CITY page. It includes the following articles:

    Summer Fests in Darmstadt: 6 Not-To-Miss Summer Festivals in Darmstadt, Germany, in 2023
    Detailed Post about Spargelfest in Darmstadt
    Detailed Post about Graffiti Art and Graffiti workshops in Darmstadt. Ideal for engaging children during the summer vacations.
    Art workshops for children at the Landesmuseum, Heesen. Again a great way of engaging children on weekends: Art Workshops for Children at Landesmuseum, Darmstadt
    How to save money on school transport in Darmstadt: Schülerbeförderungskosten ( School Transport cost)
    A detailed article on Heinerfest, Darmstadt-including dates, what to expect etc.: Heinerfest, Darmstadt
    A detailed article on Sport & Spielfest, Darmstadt-including dates, what to expect etc.: Sport & Spielfest, Darmstadt
    A detailed article on a fun music fest called Schlossgrabenfest, Darmstadt-including dates, what to expect etc.:Schlossgrabenfest-Darmstadt, Germany
    City Cycling event for all nature and outdoor lovers: Stadtradeln
    A unique event that includes gardening, food and equestrian sport: Das Fürstliche Gartenfest
    Cheat Food Fest in Darmstadt and around: Schummeltag
  2. Then, there are some delicious recipes on MY KITCHEN page:

    A perfect tiffin box recipe: Recipe for Chicken Sandwich with Indian Spices
    Homemade pink bread recipe: Recipe for Beetroot Bread
    Tried and tested Paneer Makhani Recipe for an ideal weekend special meal: Recipe for Paneer Makhani
    Another nutritious and easy homemade bread recipe: Recipe for Zucchini and Carrot Bread with Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds
    An Indo-German Fusion Dish-must-try: Recipe for Potato & Quark Tikki with Grüne Soße and Salad
    Perfect, crispy Medu Vada Recipe, a favourite with kids: Recipe for Medu Vada
    I have updated my article about understanding Jams, marmalades and other fruit spreads:
    Fruit Preserves such as Jams and marmalades in German Supermarkets -Explained
  4. On my Travel and Holiday Page:
    A detailed article about our three-day holiday in Köln and Düsseldorf, Germany. Includes information about travel, stay, places to visit, restaurants to try etc.: 3 Days Holiday in Köln and Düsseldorf, Germany
    A detailed article about our nine days holiday in Croatia. It Includes information about travel, stay, places to visit, restaurants to try etc.: Holiday in Croatia
  5. On my Book and Storyline page, I updated my review of the book that I completed reading last week:
    The Honest Truth- Review and Storyline– Suitable for 8-12-year-olds.

Enjoy reading, and please share your feedback in the comments.

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