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My Weekly Update: 5th June 2023

Dear Readers,

I hope you are all doing well. This week, there aren’t as many articles as I would have liked as a lot of time went by trying out new things and preparing some interesting content for the future. However, there are quite a few interesting ones that I could come up with this week 🙂

Check them out:

  1. This week, there are plenty of recipes on MY KITCHEN Page. Check out the recipe for Adai ( a high-protein vegetarian breakfast recipe), Mixed Veg Sambar ( A tangy lentil stew from south India), Recipe for Idli made with Rice Rava and Bangalore restaurant-style instant Sambar, How to make Anardana (dry pomegranate) at home, Pasta with readymade Peso Rosso, and finally three recipes with Rhubarb- Rhubarb Jam, Rhubarb Chutney and Rhubarb Syrup.
  2. On the GERMAN SUPERMARKETS Page, I wrote a new article about my experiences with Flour Mixes for making bread, cake etc. Do check it out.
  3. On my Germany-My Learnings Page, you will find two articles- 10 reasons to Get a driving license in Germany and How to get a driving license in Germany- Step-by-Step guide .
  4. Lastly, I wrote an article about the Top 15 Places to Visit in Darmstadt-the city where I reside.

Happy Reading, and have a great week ahead!

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