My Weekly Update

My Weekly Update: 19th June 2023

Dear Readers,

I hope you all are doing great. Last week was a busy one for me that involved travelling; hence there was less time to write. However, I have some interesting articles for you to read. So, let go.

  1. On my TRAVEL and HOLIDAYS Page, you will find two new articles: 5 Best Places to visit in Trier, Rhineland Palatinate-Germany and 10 best places to visit in Luxembourg City. We visited these two cities over the weekend, and I have written detailed articles about travel, accommodation, travel within the cities, places to visit etc. If you plan a trip to these places, you will surely find these articles useful.
  2. On my PHOTO Gallery Page, I have updated two new photo Galleries: Photo Gallery TRIER and Photo Gallery Luxembourg City. Check them out too.
  3. On my MY KITCHEN page, I have a special post on 8 different Idli recipes. If you wish to bring more variety to your breakfasts, you might find this post interesting :). In addition, I have also posted the recipe for Rice Kheer/Payasam.
  4. And finally, on my BOOKS and STORYLINE page, I have posted the basic storyline and Review for a book named Rock Paper Scissors. It is quite an interesting read with its many twists and turns.

Happy Reading and have a wonderful week.



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