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My Weekly Update: 26th June 2023

Dear Readers,

I hope you all are doing great. Last week was mostly about cooking and putting together some of my favourite recipes. So, here we go!

  1. It is summer and we all want to eat something light and cold, so the first recipe I posted was Dahi Puri– easy to make and an instant hit in any party.
  2. Then, there are 2 Dosa recipes- Set Dosa with Karnataka Style Sagu & Potato and Chickpea Flour Dosa.
  3. Inspired by the food we are in Barcelona during our holiday, there is a recipe for Spanish Omelette- My version.
  4. Looking for a vegetarian, high-protein burger recipe? Check out my Indian Style Rajma Burger Recipe.
  5. Talking about vegetarian, high protein recipes, I have a sprouts parantha recipe. Check that out too.
  6. The last on the MY KITCHEN page is my post about 8 Sabzi recipes made with potatoes. It is a collection of some of my favourite recipes.
  7. On the German Supermarkets Page, I have an interesting article about 10 things you should check before you buy products in German Supermarkets.
  8. And lastly, I have an article about 5 product reviews. These are bread mixes ( called Backmischung) that are commonly available in supermarkets in Germany. I have documented my experience with these products.

Happy Reading and have a wonderful week.



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