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My Weekly Update: 3rd July 2023

Dear Readers,

We are already midway through the year! The weather is lovely in Germany with long and warm days and pleasant nights.

Last week, I put together a couple of posts related to food as well as books….two of my favourite topics. So, here they are:

  1. First, I put together 11 Tried and tested Dosa recipes from my kitchen. Check them out.
  2. This is Zucchini harvesting time in Germany, and I made the best by getting some farm-fresh zucchini and trying out two recipes with them- Zucchini Kheer/Payasam and Zucchini Fritters.
  3. Then, I posted the recipe for Paneer Pockets– a great lunchbox recipe, easy to prepare, and delicious.
  4. I also posted the recipe for Hydrabad Style Mushroom Biryani.
  5. In my Books section, I have 3 interesting posts for all book lovers: 10 Beautiful Reads for Children who Love Animals, 11 War-based Books for Children that touched my Heart, and 6 Amazing and Gripping Novels that I have read so far in 2023.

Happy Reading, and have a wonderful week.



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