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9 Not-To-Miss Fests in Darmstadt, Germany, in 2023

Summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring, the festival season in Germany never ends. Darmstadt, the city where I live, lives up to the expectations and is alive with celebration and merriment at the onset of every season.

With the coming of spring and summer, there is a mood of festivity in the air. Thanks to the excellent weather and long day hours, the spirits are uplifted, and we are all geared up for a new season and all the wonderful things associated with it. The season starts with fests like Spargelfest that celebrate a successful harvest of Asparagus. Summer is the time to be outdoors and celebrate. Heinerfest and Schlossgrabenfest-the music festival, are celebrated around this time. As the summer comes to an end and autumn begins, the city celebrates local produce, such as pumpkins and wines, with the Kurbisfest and the Weinfest. The year ends with the famous Christmas Markets, called the Weinachtsfest.

Today, I bring you 9 of my favourite festivals in my city- Darmstadt, that I never miss. So, let’s get started!

  1. Heinerfest


    Heinerfest is undoubtedly the most awaited summer festival in Darmstadt. This five-day fest offers rides, games, food stalls, performances, activities, and much more. This year, the fest is celebrated between the 29th of June and the 3rd of July. Check out more details about this festival here.
  2. Schlossgrabenfest


    If you are a music lover, don’t miss Schlossgrabenfest. During this four-day fest, more than 60 bands perform on stage. Multiple stages are set up, and visitors are free to move from one performance to the other based on their choice. In addition, there are food and game stalls. So, Schlossgrabenfest has it all-music, fun and food! This year, the fest is celebrated between the 25th and 28th of May. Read more about this fest here.
  3. Sport & Spielfest

    Sport & Spielfest

    If you like the idea of getting introduced to new sports and unique games, you must visit the Sport & Spielfest. The idea is to provide a platform for young and old, active people and beginners to meet, play, and learn new sports and introduce them to new game ideas. It is a one-day fest, and it takes place on the 25th of June this year. Learn more about this fest here.
  4. Das Fürstliche Gartenfest


    If you like gardening, trying out local cuisine and buying local products directly from farmers, you must visit das Fürstliche Gartenfest. There are plenty of food stalls, musical performances and an Equestrian vaulting demonstration- a truly unique experience. This year, the fest takes place between the 5th and the 7th of May. Check out more information about this fest here.
  5. Schummeltag


    If you are a foody and like trying cuisines from different parts of the world, don’t miss Schummeltag. This fest takes place on different dates in various locations across Germany. Food trucks occupy the market square and offer delicacies in a lively and fun environment. The dates for Schummeltag in Darmstadt were the 1st and 2nd of April. Read more about Schummeltag here.
  6. Spargelfest


    This fest celebrates the harvest of one of the most loved ingredients in German Kitchens-Asparagus. Spargelfest offers local foods, drinks, hands-on experience with harvesting and an enjoyable time under the sun. This fest starts in the middle of April. Check out more details here.
  7. Weinfest

    If you are a wine lover or like the idea of trying locally-made wine, visit the Weinfest. Celebrated around the end of August and early September every year at the city centre, this fest brings together winemakers from around the region. The stalls offer wines of different varieties in a festive atmosphere. This year, the Weinfest takes place between 31st August and 3rd September. Read more about this event here.
  8. Kurbisfest


    Early September marks the time for Pumpkin harvests all across Germany. A popular destination for people in Darmstadt is Bauer Lipp ( a farm in Weiterstand-5kms from Darmstadt city centre), which celebrates the pumpkin fest with lovely displays and plenty of food options. Every year, the display theme changes, but what stays constant is the fun, the lovely atmosphere and plenty of pumpkin-based delicacies. This year, the fest starts from the 4th of September and is likely to last till early November. Read more about the Kurbisfest here.
  9. Weinachtsfest

    The Christmas Markets in Germany are famous all over the world. Known as Weihnachtsfest in Germany, these markets bring zest into the short, cold days in November and December. Try local winter foods, the Gluhwein ( a spiced hot wine), and have fun on the rides at the Christmas Markets. In Darmstadt, the biggest Christmas Market takes place in the city centre. There are many others in nearby areas too, such as in Bessunger, Eberstadt and Arheilgen. The dates for the Darmstadt Christmas market are 20th November to 23rd December 2023. Read more about Christmas Markets here.

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