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Rothenburg – A quaint medieval town on the romantic road in Bavaria, Germany. Read about our short family vacation in this picturesque town.

A short family Holiday in Rothenberg

Photo Gallery-Rothenburg

Distance from some of the big cities in Germany:
Frankfurt: 160 km
Munich: 200 km
Stuttgart: 120 km
Nuremberg: 65 km
Mannheim: 125 km
Wiesbaden: 161 km


Belgium- Germany’s tiny neighbour, well known as the HQ of the European Union and NATO. But this country has a lot to offer to tourists too! Check out these articles to know more.

Our 6 days holiday in Belgium-Brussels, Bruges, and Ghent.

Photo Gallery Brussels

Photo Gallery Bruges

Photo Gallery Ghent.

Distance between Brussels and some of the big cities in Germany:
Cologne: 200 km
Aachen: 130 km
Düsseldorf: 190 km
Duisburg: 196km
Essen: 213 km

Hamburg- A port city in northern Germany on the banks of the Elbe river, famous for its 19th-century architecture and seafood. Check out these articles:

Our 3 days Family Holiday in Hamburg

Photo Gallery-Hamburg

Distance between Hamburg and some of the big cities in Germany:
Hannover: 150 km
Bremen: 105 km
Berlin: 280 km
Frankfurt: 450 km
Düsseldorf: 380 km

Berlin-the capital of Germany and a treasure trove of history and culture. This city symbolizes Germany’s history like no other. Check out these articles:

Our 4 days Family Holiday in Berlin during Christmas vacations

Photo Gallery-Berlin

Nuremberg- A small city in southern Germany famous for its castles, monuments, and the largest Christmas market. Read my articles:

Our 3 days Family Holiday during Christmas vacations in Nuremberg and Ingolstadt

Photo Gallery-Nuremberg

Vienna- The capital of Austria and a history enthusiast’s delight. Visit this city and immerse yourself in its rich culture and tradition.

Our 4-Days Family Holiday in Vienna

Top 10 Places to see and experience in Vienna

Photo Gallery-Vienna

Salzburg- A lovely Austrian city on the border of Germany, with views of the Eastern Alps. Famed for being the birthplace of Mozart and its medieval and baroque buildings, this place offers much more.

Our 4 Days family Holiday in Salzburg

Picture Gallery-Salzburg

7 Best places to visit in Salzburg on your family holiday

Innsbruck- This beautiful city on the lap of the Alps is a popular destination for winter sports at Nordkette and is famous for its imperial and modern architecture

Our 2 days holiday in Innsbruck

Photo Gallery- Innsbruck

5 Best Experiences in Innsbruck

Düsseldorf- A City in North Rhine Westphalia in Germany known for its fashion industry and art scene; Köln-a neighbouring city famous for its architecture.

My Personal Holiday Experience in Düsseldorf and Köln

Photo Gallery-Köln and Düsseldorf


Koblenz- A City in Rhineland Palatinate in Germany, most famous for the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Mosel.

A day trip to Koblenz – My experience

Top 5 Places to See and Things to do in Koblenz in a day

Koblenz-Some Tips for a day trip

Rüdesheim- A lovely little town in Hessen, Germany, famous for its wines and vineyards.

A Day Trip to Rüdesheim am Rhein- My Experience

7 Best Places to See and Things to do in Rüdesheim in a Day

Rüdesheim Picture Gallery

Bingen- A lovely little town in Rhineland Palatinate, Germany, famous for its wines and historic castles.

A day trip to Bingen from Darmstadt-My Experience

5 Best Places to see and Things to do in Bingen in a day

Picture Gallery-Bingen

Paris- The capital of France and a melting pot of art and architecture

10 Best Places to visit in Paris, France

Our 5 Days Family Holiday in Paris

Picture Gallery-Paris