Hello, and a warm welcome to all bookworms! Here, you will find a list of various books I have read. Some are those that I read on my own, and then there are others that I read with my children. I have posted a brief about the storyline and my review. Use that information to choose the book that you like. Have fun reading!

The One- Storyline and Book Review

A company claims that a simple DNA test can help determine with absolute accuracy who you shall be most compatible with and who your right life partner should be. Read more..

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6 Amazing and Gripping Novels that I have read so far in 2023

Here is a list of 6 books that I read in the first half of 2023 and absolutely loved. These are my personal recommendations for all book lovers who are looking for something to get themselves immersed in.

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11 War-based Books for Children that touched my Heart

Here is a list of 10 war-based books for children that touched my heart. These books sensitize us about the lives of young innocent lives that get unwillingly caught in wars and fights and become the biggest victims.

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10 Beautiful Reads for Children who love Animals

Today I am sharing with my readers, 10 of the most beautiful books that I have read in recent times, which so sensitively depict the lovely relationship between humans and animals. I have read all these books and have completely enjoyed the experience of immersing myself into the characters and…

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Rock Paper Scissors- Storyline and Book Review

Rock Paper Scissors is a story about Mr. and Mrs. Wright – Adam, a workaholic screenwriter and his wife, Amelia, who works at an animal care center and characters that touch their lives at different times. It hovers over the theme of ‘how well we know the people we think…

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