Identifying and Understanding Products in German Supermarket

What is Gelier Zucker?

You might have seen a product named ‘Gelier Zucker’ in a german supermarket and probably wondered what it is. Gelier Zucker translates to jam sugar and is NOT the regular sugar used in tea and coffee. 

Fruit Preserves such as Jams and marmalades in German Supermarkets -Explained

This article covers products like jams, jellies, fruit sauces, marmalades, and fruit spreads available in packaged, bottled, and ready-to-use forms in supermarkets. 
These products typically share a shelf in supermarkets and seem similar. However, they are not. Let’s start with understanding each of them. First, let’s understand the ingredients.

Eggs in German Supermarkets decoded

Eggs come in wide varieties. The labels and descriptions on the egg boxes often contain so many industry terms and marketing jargon that confuse the customer.

Today, I am writing about the different types of eggs available in German Supermarkets, how to identify them and understand what the labels mean.

Different types of Salts found in German Supermarkets.

Salt (Salz in German) is an ingredient used in every kitchen. It adds taste to our food, helps regulate blood pressure, maintains fluid balance, and plays a role in our body’s metabolism.Like many other products, Salt in the German Supermarket also comes in so many varieties that we are often confused about which product to buy and what is better for our health. Let us look at each of the varieties and understand them:

Understanding the different types of Flours in German Supermarkets

Flours are staples in every home, and choosing the right flour is key to making the dish correctly and, at the same time, ensuring the right nutrition for your family. In german supermarkets, there are many types of flour available. Although this variety gives us plenty of freedom to choose, it also confuses us about which products to buy. Here is a list of the commonly available flour in German supermarkets. In this article, you will learn about them, find their differences, and understand what the different codes mean.