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8 Easy to make Vegetarian Cutlet Recipes

Cutlets are easy to make. They are made in many ways and with different ingredients such as meat, vegetables, lentils, legumes, etc. I love making cutlets with lentils and legumes and pairing them with salad and various dips made with yoghurt and veggies. This way, I am able to include a reasonable amount of protein in my diet. Combining them with yoghurt and vegetables adds the mush needed fat, minerals and vitamins and makes a complete meal. If you are a vegetarian looking for ways to have a balanced diet and increase your protein intake, check out these recipes:

  1. Chickpeas and Paneer Cutlets paired with salad and cabbage & carrot dip

    Both Chickpeas and Paneer are high in protein. Cutlets made with these two ingredients taste delicious. When combined with yoghurt and vegetables, they make a complete, balanced meal. Check out the recipe here.
  2. Tofu and vegetable Cutlets

    Tofu and vegetable cutlets

    Tofu is made with soybeans, which are known to be a great vegetarian source of protein. Combined with Indian spices and paired with any salad of your choice, these cutlets make a perfect evening snack. Check out the recipe here.
  3. Chickpea Cutlets with Salad and Yoghurt Dip

    Chickpea cutlets with salad and beetroot yoghurt dip

    Inspired from Falafel, a popular Mediterranean dish, these cutlets are made with chickpeas. They are pan fried with minimum oil and paired with a lovely beetroot and yoghurt dip. Paired with salad, they make a complete meal. Check out the recipe here.
  4. Red Lentil Cutlets with yoghurt dip and salad

    Red Lentil Cutlets with yoghurt dip, eggs and salad

    These delicious cutlets made with red lentils and potatoes, served with a garlic and dill yoghurt dip, with a side of salad and boiled eggs, are a must-try dish. Squeeze some lemon for the extra tang. Check out the detailed recipe here.
  5. Mixed Bean Cutlets with herbed Yoghurt Dip, Veggies and Salad

    Mixed bean cutlets

    When it comes to high-protein vegetarian meals, how can beans be left behind? These cutlets made with kidney beans and cannellini beans served with fresh salad, herbed dip and butter-fried peas and corn are a great addition to your diet plan. Check out the recipe here.
  6. Kidney Bean Cutlets with salad

    Kidney bean cutlets

    These are perfect evening snacks made with kidney beans and veggies. They are quick and easy to make. If you want to make it a full meal, sandwich these cutlets between burger buns, smear them with tamarind and mint chutneys and make an Indian-style burger. Check out the recipe here.
  7. Rongi Aur Aalu ki Tikki

    Rongi aur Aalu ki tikki

    Vegetarians looking for high-protein foods and adding variety to their everyday meals must include black-eyed peas in their diet. High in protein, these legumes can be made in many ways. Inspired by Tikki, a popular Indian street food, I made cutlets with black-eyed peas, potatoes and spices. You can have them as is with your favourite dip or make a chaat by combining them with tamarind chutney, mint chutney and flavoured yoghurt. Check out the recipe here.
  8. Potato & Quark Tikki with Grüne Soße and Salad

    Potato & Quark Tikki with Grüne Soße and Salad

    This fusion recipe combines potatoes with Russian Quark. Quark, which is a known source of protein, is crumbled and made into a filling for the cutlets. The outer covering is made of potatoes. I paired these with Grüne Soße, which is a delicious dip made with many herbs, yoghurt and cream. A must-try recipe if you live in Germany or have access to these ingredients. Check out the recipe here.

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