Masur Chana Dal

Recipe for Masur Chana Dal

Today, the recipe I am sharing is a very simple lentil recipe. This is prepared by combining lentils – Masur Dal (Red Lentils) and Chana Dal (Split Chickpea lentils). The combination tastes great and goes well with rice and a simple salad made by combining salad vegetables with salt and lemon juice.

Lentils are a great source of protein for vegans and vegetarians, and the good news is that lentils come in many varieties. So, even if you cook one type of lentil every day, it would easily be a week or to ten days before you repeat it. Check out my other recipes like Dal Chawal ( made with pigeon peas), Sambar ( made with pigeon peas), Lauki Chana dal ( made with split chickpea lentils),

Let us start with the recipe for Masur Chana Dal:

Ingredients needed to make Masur Chana Dal:

  1. Masur Dal (Red Lentils with skin): 1/2 cup

    Masur Dal
  2. Chana Dal(Split Chickpea Lentils): 1/2 cup

    Chana Dal
  3. Water: For soaking, cooking and later adjusting the consistency
  4. Ghee: 1 tablespoon
  5. Bay leaf: 1
  6. Cumin Seeds: 1 teaspoon
  7. Finely chopped garlic and ginger: 2 tablespoons
  8. Green Chilies: 2, slit
  9. Onion: 1, finely chopped
  10. Tomato: 1, finely chopped
  11. Salt: 2 teaspoons
  12. Turmeric Powder: 1 teaspoon
  13. Kashmiri Red Chili Powder: 1 teaspoon
  14. Coriander Powder: 1 tablespoon
  15. Garam Masala: 1/2 teaspoon
  16. Kasuri Methi ( Dry Fenugreek Leaves): 1 tablespoon
  17. Fresh Coriander Leaves: Chopped, 2 tablespoons

For Tempering:

  1. Ghee: 1 teaspoon
  2. Cumin Seeds: 1 teaspoon
  3. Dry Red Chilies: 2-3
  4. Asafoetida: 1/4 teaspoon
  5. Kashmiri Red Chili Powder: 1/2 teaspoon
  6. Fresh Coriander leaves: Chopped, 1 teaspoon

Method to make Masur Chana Dal:

  1. Wash the lentils and soak them for at least 30 minutes in 2 cups of water.
  2. Then, cook the lentils in a pressure cooker till they are soft.
  3. In a pan, heat the ghee. Add cumin seeds.

  4. When the cumin seeds crackle, add bay leaves, chopped ginger and garlic. Fry till they are golden brown.

  5. Add green chillies and chopped onions and fry till the onions are light brown.

  6. Add chopped tomatoes.

  7. Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder and salt. Close the lid, reduce the heat and cook till the tomatoes become soft.

  8. Now add the cooked lentils. Taste and adjust the salt and add water to adjust the consistency. Add fresh coriander leaves, Kasuri Methi ( dry fenugreek leaves) and garam masala.

  9. For the tempering, heat ghee in a separate pan. Add all the tempering ingredients.

  10. Add to the cooked lentils. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves.

Serve with steamed rice.

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