Ludwigshöhe Darmstadt

Waldkunstpfad & Ludwigshöhe, Darmstadt Germany

Located close to the city centre of Darmstadt, Germany, the Waldkunstpfad and Ludwigshöhe are two important places in Darmstadt that one should not miss while visiting the city.

About Waldkunstpfad:

The word Waldkunstpfad is made of 3 words- Wald means forest, kunst means art, and pfad means path/trail. Therefore, Waldunstpfad means forest art trail. As the name indicates, this is a path in the forest where you can see various artworks.

Located just 3.5 km south of Luisenplatz ( Darmstadt City centre), the Waldkunstpfad is an open-air exhibition and home to many creative works by German and International artists, which have been put up on display.

People usually park their cars at the entrance ( there are multiple entrances) or reach the place by public transport. After reaching the forest, one can start on foot, follow the forest path and explore the various artworks.

Most of the artworks put up are made with natural materials. The artists’ names and their details, along with the message they wish to convert through these works, are also put on display.

The Verein für Internationale Waldkunst manages it and organizes guided tours, events etc., in the forest. Their official website is:

A walk through the forest leads you to Ludwigshöhe.

About Ludwigshöhe:

Ludwigshöhe, also known as Ludwigsturm ( Ludwig Tower ), is a 27.5 m high observation tower. It was built in the late 19th Century and is named after the Grand Duke Ludwig I of Hessen. You can also see the duke’s statue in Darmstadt Luisenplatz.

This tower has a viewing platform from where one can get lovely views of Darmstadt city and surrounding areas. However, currently, due to renovation work, the place is closed, and the terrace can’t be reached. However, there is a viewing platform outside which offers great views. There are benches put up outside, which you can use for eating food or for just relaxing in the serene surroundings.

Their official website is:

You can visit both Waldkunstpfad and Ludwigshöhe in one trip, and if you wish to visit at a relaxed pace, exploring everything, you will need at least 2-3 hours.

Check out my gallery page for more pictures of artworks in der Waldkunstpfad.

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