Burg Frankenstein

Burg Frankenstein ( Frankenstein Castle)

The Frankenstein Castle, known as Burg Frankenstein, is located 15km southeast of Darmstadt, Germany, in Mühltal. Standing at 370 mt, this castle looks down to the Rhein valley and is one of the places you should not miss visiting when in Darmstadt or any nearby area.

About Burg Frankenstein:

The Frankenstein castle is said to have been built around the 13th Century and was owned by Conrad Ries from Breuberg.

In the 16th century, the castle got expanded and developed. But it was also the time when the conflicts with the landgraves of Hessen increased, which led to the destruction of the castle.

Finally, in the 17th century, this castle was sold to Hesse Darmstadt ( the residence of the landgraves). After it came under the landgraves, little was done regarding the castle’s upkeep. It served as a place of refuge during wars. Later, rumours that the castle had hidden treasures led to further destruction.

Finally, in the 19th century, Grand duke Ludwig III attempted to restore the caste. But it is said that the restoration activity was imprecise and incorrect. Changes made in the name of restoration did not match the original design. However, by the late 19th century, this castle became a popular spot for excursions. Since then, it has been popular amongst locals for day trips, hikes, cycling trips etc.

Important Landmarks in Burg Frankenstein:

As you enter the fortified castle, you will see a chapel in front, followed by a gate tower on the right. To the left of the entrance are a restaurant and a kiosk. Enter through the gate tower, and you can see the stables. There is another tower to the south, which visitors are allowed to climb. From there, you can get nice views of the valley.

What is the best time to visit Burg Frankenstein?

Although you can visit the castle any time of the year ( check their official website for the opening timings: https://www.frankenstein-restaurant.de/ ; the time when it attracts the maximum crowd is during the Halloween event. The Halloween event in Burg Frankenstein is said to be one of the largest Halloween festivals in Germany. It has been taking place at the castle since 1977.  It regularly occurs on three weekends in October/November on the castle grounds.

Interestingly, the restaurant can be booked for private and company events. You can get all the details on their official website.

What is the best way to reach the castle?

The fastest and easiest way is by car. However, buses ply too. But do check the frequency, especially if you visit on the weekend. People also hike/cycle up to the castle, but the path is steep hence cycling is not that easy.

You can find more pictures of this castle here.

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