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10 Beautiful Reads for Children who love Animals

Today I am sharing with my readers, 10 of the most beautiful books that I have read in recent times, which so sensitively depict the lovely relationship between humans and animals. I have read all these books and have completely enjoyed the experience of immersing myself into the characters and the lovely storylines. All these books are suitable for children, but adults can enjoy them too.

I have given a brief about each book. You can click on the links at the end of the excerpt, to read a more detailed review and a brief storyline (without spoilers) of each book. Once you click on the link, you will also find information about how long the book is, for what age group it is appropriate etc.

At the end of the list, I have shared the links for purchasing these books. Please note that I shall receive a commission for the sale if you buy through the links. This has no effect on the price for you.

So, let’s start:

  1. Pax


    Peter has a pet fox-Pax. Both of them grow up together and hence, with time, get emotionally connected. Peter’s mom is no more. With the war around the corner, Peter’s father decides to enrol himself. With no one left to care for Peter, his father leaves Pax in the jungle and sends Peter to live with his grandfather. Read this lovely story about the life of Peter and Pax here.
  2. The one and only Ivan

    The one and only Ivan

    Ivan is a silverback Gorilla who lives in captivity in the video arcade of a mall. Ivan’s life is about staying in confinement, eating, drawing and getting amused by the humans visiting him. He has two friends- The start dog, Bob and Stella, an elephant in captivity in the cage beside Ivan’s. Ivan is content with his life until one day; he loses one of his friends. This becomes a life-changing moment for Ivan and he decides to set himself free. Read more about this lovely book here.
  3. Where the red fern grows

    Where the Red Fern Grows

    Billy, a young boy and his two greyhounds- Litte Ann and Old Dan, are inseparable. The three have an adventurous life raccoon hunting, celebrating their achievements and winning accolades. Years later, when Billy has grown up, he recalls the memorable days with his best friends. Read more about this book here.
  4. Cool!


    Robby, a 10-year-old boy, while chasing his dog across the street, gets hit by a car. It is a major accident, and Robbie goes into a coma. Weeks pass, and Robby doesn’t recover. His parents try every trick in the book to bring the young back out of his condition but don’t succeed., until one day when things change. Read more here.
  5. Born To Run

    Born To Run

    This is a touching story of a greyhound and his life. Throughout his life, he is called different names by his different masters, some of whom are nice to him, while the others are not so kind. The dog bears it all, but his heart always yearns to meet his first master, Patrik – a young boy who had once saved his life and kept him as a pet. Read more about this heartwarming story here.
  6. The Butterfly Lion

    The Butterfly Lion

    This is the story of a young boy, Berty and his pet lion. The two spend their childhood days together. But destiny separates them. Berty has to move to London to pursue his studies, and the lion is taken to a circus in France. For many years, they keep remembering each other and yearning for each other’s company. Read more about this book about love, loyalty and companionship here.
  7. War Horse

    War horse

    This is the story of Joey, the horse who lives with different masters. Joey gets separated from his mother and gets trained as a farm horse. But destiny has something else planned for him. The war breaks, and all men and animals are called on duty. Joey, the farm horse, becomes a war horse. Read more about his incredible story here.
  8. The Honest Truth

    The Honest Truth

    Mark, a young boy, runs away from his home with his pet Beau. The boy and his dog are alone in the world, without family and friends, but they have each other to love and support. Mark is determined to achieve some goals, and he knows that, come what may, Beau will be on his side. Read more about this lovely relationship of trust between Mark and Beau here.
  9. An Elephant in the Garden

    An Elephant in the Garden

    Lizzie is a teenager. Her mom works at a zoo in Dresden, Germany. As the war breaks out and the zoo gets bombed, her mom brings an elephant she cares for at the zoo home. But times are tough. The family is forced to leave their home to escape and save their lives. They take the elephant along. With a mammoth creature by their side, it is difficult for Lizzie’s family to hide and save themselves from danger. Read about this incredible journey that Lizzie recalls years after the war here.
  10. Kensuke’s Kingdom

    Kensuke's Kingdom

    Michael, an 11-year-old boy, is on a sailing trip with his parents and his dog Stella. An accident at sea separates him and Stella from his parents and lands them on an island. Here, Michel meets a man who teaches him how to live in harmony with animals, plants and, in general, the nature surrounding us. This is a lovely story of separation and reunion. Read more about this book here.

Links to purchase these books:

  1. Pax:
  2. The One and Only Ivan:
  3. Where the Red Fern Grows:
  4. Cool!:
  5. Born To Run:
  6. The Butterfly Lion:
  7. War Horse:
  8. The Honest Truth:
  9. An Elephant in the Garden:
  10. Kensuke’s Kingdom:

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