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6 Amazing and Gripping Novels that I have read so far in 2023

I love reading, but I’m rarely able to give it as much time as I’d like to. Therefore, it becomes important that whatever I pick up to read is known to be good (preferably recommended by someone) so that I don’t pick up a book only to leave it after a few chapters.

I am lucky to have a bunch of friends who like reading, and therefore, there are always recommendations pouring in. Based on some of the book recommendations I got early this year, I decided to pick 6 of them and kept a target of reading one book a month. I am glad and proud that I was able to do that.

And now, as the first half of the year comes to an end, I would like to share with my readers these 6 interesting books that started reading at the beginning of this year and managed to finish before the end of June. Some are thrillers, some mysteries, and some are just pure ‘Bollywood movie-style’ entertainment. I absolutely enjoyed the experience of reading these books and would highly recommend these to my readers.

So, if you like books and are in constant search of some interesting books to immerse yourself in, check out this list.

  1. Silent Patient

    The Silent Patient

    The story revolves around two main characters – Alicia and Theo. Alicia is a famous painter, married to Gabriel – a fashion photographer, living in a grand house in seemingly marital bliss. Her life seems perfect until one evening, after Gabriel returns from work, Alicia shoots him five times in his face. After this, Alicia becomes all silent. She is sent to psychiatric care, where she stays silent until Theo visits her. Read more….
  2. Rock Paper Scissors

    Rock Paper Scissors

    Adam and Amelia are almost at the end of their relationship. Amelia thinks that spending a weekend together, away from the world, would be the best way to give their marriage one last chance. A coincidental win in a lottery that offers Amelia a free stay for two in the Scottish countryside leads the couple to an old chapel, where mysterious things start happening. Read more….
  3. Keep it in the Family

    Keep it in the Family

    Finn and Mia buy a house. The house is a ramshackle old one, and renovating it is an intimidating and uphill task. But Finn and Mia are ready to put all their time, effort and energy into building the home of their dreams. While renovating the house, an accidental discovery brings them face to face with the gory history of the house. They find out this house was the site of multiple crimes involving kidnapping and killing children. Read more….
  4. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

    The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo

    Born Evelyn Elena Herrera in 1938, the daughter of Cuban immigrants, Evelyn Hugo grows up in the Hell’s Kitchen neighbourhood of New York City. She hates her life of poverty and desperation and wants to get out of it at any cost. She succeeds in doing so too. But Evelyn’s life is full of mystery. Years later, when Evelyn is old and retired, she decides to reveal her true story to the world. Read more…
  5. When the World was Ours/Als die Welt uns gehörte

    Als die welt uns gehorte

    This book requires a special mention. Although it is a children’s book, I, as an adult, absolutely loved it and found this book special and worth treasuring. Based on actual events, this book is a tragic story of three children, Max, Leo and Elsa, who are among the many unfortunate ones who get caught up in the second world war. I read this book in German, but it’s also available in English. Read more….
  6. The Shanghai Free Taxi

    The Shanghai Free Taxi

    Langfitt works as a foreign correspondent in China and wants to understand the people and their stories. He figures out that the best way to make people open up is to offer them a free taxi ride in exchange for conversations. The idea becomes an instant success, and he gets many passengers who are willing to talk and open up about their lives. Through these conversations, Langfitt comes up close with the real life of the people in China. Read more….

Here is a summary of my 6 book recommendations for Yr. 2023 with the links to purchase them:

  1. The Silent Patient
  2. Rock Paper Scissors
  3. Keep it in the Family
  4. When the World was Ours/Als die Welt uns gehörte
  5. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
  6. The Shanghai Free Taxi

We all know that books require space. They are also heavy and difficult to take everywhere, so using a digital Book Reader is the best option. I use it and find it very useful. I travel with it; I can read it when the lights are switched off and also get books cheaper. If you like reading on digital book readers, check out your options here. I use Kindle Book Reader and have been a satisfied customer for years.

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