Top 5 Places to see in Wiesbaden, Germany, in a day

Wiesbaden is the capital of Hessen and is located about 45 km northwest of Darmstadt. Its proximity to Darmstadt makes it an excellent location for a day trip. Though a day trip is not enough to entirely see and experience Wiesbaden, in this article, I am writing about the top 5 things you can do and experience in this city.

Famous for its hot springs, this city is one of the oldest Spa towns in Germany. It is also renowned for its architecture and climate. Because of this, it is called the ‘Nice of Germany’ – referring to the city in France.
Here are the five best things to do in Wiesbaden in a day.

Top 5 Experiences in Wiesbaden not to be missed in a day trip:

  1. Visit the Kurhaus and Kurpark
    The Kurhaus is the most important landmark of Wiesbaden. This spa house is used extensively for hosting events, concerts, and meetings and is even used as a backdrop for open-air events on the front lawn. The building is majestic, and the foyer area can be visited at all times. Other parts, including the halls, can be seen when there are no events taking place. Statues of greek gods and a beautiful ceiling with representations of all the gods adorn the internal beauty of the Kurhaus.
    Kurhaus Wiesbaden
    Behind the Kurhaus is the Kurpark, a lovely garden with various monuments and a small pond. Native trees grow in this park, and this park has its unique beauty every season.
    Kurpark Wiesbaden
    The Staats theater is just a few steps away from the Kurhaus. It hosts various events and shows from time to time.
    Staatstheather Wiesbaden
    In front of the Kurhaus is a beautiful lawn with fountains called the ‘Bowling Green.’
  2. Visit Marktkirche and Farmer’s market
    About 500 mt away from the Kurhaus are the Marktkirche and Schlossplatz. The area is surrounded by old wooden framed buildings and important landmarks such as the Hessischer Landtag. The place has many restaurants and cafes, making it ideal for a stopover for lunch. Behind the Markkirche is the Marktplatz, where a farmers market is set up where you can buy local produce and enjoy local delicacies.
    Marktkirche Wiesbaden
  3. Visit Neroberg
    Neroberg is a small hill located about 5 km from the city center. It can be reached by car or using the Nerobergbahn. Nerobergbahn is a railway that takes you to the top of the hill and is the best option if you don’t have a car. It provides excellent views of the valley. The Nerobergbahn is about 3.5 km away from the city center on Wilhelmeinstrasse. You can take the rail to the top of the hill and return with the same railway.
    Neroberg has a temple, a viewing area from where you get lovely views of Wiesbaden city, and a restaurant that serves food and riesling wine.
    Nerotempel Wiesbaden
    There is plenty of open space for children to play.
  4. Go Hiking in the forest in Neroberg/ access the play area for children, and spend a few hours at Kletterwald.
    Neroberg has plenty of open spaces. Kids can use the open area to run around and play. The adjoining forest provides a great hiking experience. The Kletterwald, just like the Kletterwald in Darmstadt, offers rope climbing and other adventure activities amidst nature. It has climbing activities for both children and adults and can add a fun element to your Neroberg visit.
    Kletterwald Neroberg
  5. Visit St Elizabeth’s Church
    This Russian Orthodox Church in Wiesbaden was built in the mid 19th Century by Duke Adolf of Nassau on the occasion of the death of his wife, the 19-year-old Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mikhailovna of Russia. Just one year after their marriage, Elizabeth died in childbirth, as did their newborn daughter. Adolf grieved so profoundly that he decided to build a church around her grave. This church is the only Russian Orthodox church in Wiesbaden and is a must-visit place in Neroberg.
    Elizabeths church neroberg

Wiesbaden is indeed a lovely city that offers plenty to its tourists and visitors. Here is a summary of the top 5 experiences in Wiesbaden.

Top 5 Experiences in Wiesbaden:

  1. Visit the Kurhaus and Kurpark
  2. Visit Marktkirche and Farmer’s market
  3. Visit Neroberg
  4. Go Hiking in the forest in Neroberg/ access the play area for children, and spend a few hours at Kletterwald.
  5. Visit St Elizabeth’s Church on Neroberg

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