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10 reasons to get a driving license in Germany

German roads are superb, and driving on them is a wonderful experience. Although the public transport system in Germany is pretty good (with a network of trains, buses, trams, and metros), nothing can replace the flexibility and freedom that a car offers. Here are some reasons why you should get a driving license in Germany:

1. Low frequency of public transport on weekends:

Although the public transport system is excellent and buses and trams regularly ply on weekdays, the frequency reduces drastically on the weekends. If you wish to travel anywhere using public transport on the weekend, your plans would depend heavily on the bus/tram schedule. 

2. Last mile problem:

Although public transport covers many important places, they will, in many cases, not drop you at your exact destination. This would mean walking /renting a bike or scooter to cover the rest of your path. This may become a problem if you have small kids or heavy baggage to carry.

3. Inconvenience due to weather:

During winter, the days are shorter; it is cold, raining, and snowing. Standing at the stop waiting for the next bus can be inconvenient at such times. In winter, there is no better way to travel than by car.

4. Public transport can be crowded:

During peak hours, public transport can get very crowded. Besides the inconvenience it causes, we all saw how unsafe travelling in crowds became during Corona times. We all can hope that Corona never returns, and even if it doesn’t, we cannot rule out the discomfort caused by many people packed next to each other. 

5. Public transport can be dirty:

I don’t see this as much of a problem in small cities, but I have personally experienced that buses are dirty in big cities like Berlin and Stuttgart. It is common to encounter drunk people with soiled clothes on public transport. It is a sight you might want to avoid.

6. Public transport and cabs are expensive:

You should consider this point unless you have a job or student ticket, where the money is not spent from your pocket. If you are a frequent traveller and use public transport regularly, in the long term, a car is cheaper than public transport. Cabs are expensive too, and when used regularly, can cost you a lot of money.

7. Public transport is not always reliable:

This I speak from my personal experience. The unreliability of the Deutsche Bahn is well-known in Germany. People have missed flights/ reached late for meetings, and have had to change holiday plans because of unexpected train delays and cancellations. Strikes by drivers or transport staff, though not frequent, are another reason for having a car option as a backup, even if you don’t use it regularly.

8. You can reach your destination faster by car:

This is primarily true when travelling out of the city or to relatively far-off places. Within the cities, there are dedicated lines for public transport, which helps buses and trams to run as per their schedule, but when you are travelling out of the city, the low frequency combined with the roundabout path that buses typically take ( because they try to cover many stops in between), can cost you extra time. 

9. Car gives you flexibility and comfort:

In situations like -a family member is admitted to the hospital and you need to travel between home and hospital frequently, OR the child gets sick, and you need to rush to the school to pick them up, OR worst still if the child gets sick on a school trip and you need to get them back, OR there is a bus strike, but you cannot forego your appointment..and the situations are many. Nothing can beat the comfort of the feeling that, if need be, you can travel at a moment’s notice. Only a car can offer this.

10. Flexibility of driving to other countries during your holidays:

If you have a German driving license, you can drive in all EU ( European Union) countries and EEA ( European Economic Area), i.e., Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. Germany is located at the heart of Europe, so you can travel to other countries very conveniently. If you are on holiday and reach the destination by car, you don’t have to bother with public transport in that country. This can save you time and money and give you the flexibility no public transport offers.

Driving a car is not as expensive in Germany as one may think. Getting a driving license doesn’t necessarily mean you must make another big expenditure and purchase a car. If you don’t want to buy a car, you can consider renting a car. This option is available in almost all the cities in Germany. You can rent a car of your choice, use it for as long as you want to, and then return after usage. That way, you get all the advantages of a car and don’t have to bother with insurance, fuelling, car maintenance, parking, etc. If you have a driver’s license, all you need to do is get your id validated, and you are good to go. Read my article, in which I have described my experience of renting a car in Germany.

If you are convinced about getting a driver’s license, read my article to understand the step-by-step procedure of getting a driving licence in Germany.

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    Very informative. Thanks

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    After your recent comment in Facebook I read your article, everything is very informative and clear. Thank you so much. Found good place to gain more information about Germany

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  1. Very informative. Thanks

    1. You are welcome:)

  2. After your recent comment in Facebook I read your article, everything is very informative and clear. Thank you so much. Found good place to gain more information about Germany

    1. Glad to know that it was helpful 🙂

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