Kletterwald Darmstadt

Kletterwald is an adventure park in Darmstadt at the foot of the Odenwald forests. It is very easily accessible by bike, public transport, or car. 

Kletterwald translates to ‘Climbing Forest.’ It has various climbing courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. There are courses for children ( Starting for four years) and adults, making for a fun family outing destination.

Although there is a small food outlet serving snacks, visitors are allowed to get their food. Plenty of benches are laid out, allowing visitors to take a break, eat and drink. It is also ideal for birthday party celebrations or corporate and school outings. 

Their official website is:


Tickets can be booked using this link:


Some of the key highlights of Kletterwald, Darmstadt, are:

  • Courses for people of all age groups and different levels.
  • Easy access 
  • Night Climbing experience
  • Offers for Birthday, corporate gatherings, and school groups

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