5 Best Experiences in Lorsch, Germany

Spring has started, and so has the enthusiasm to step out and enjoy the sun. Recently, on one of the weekends, we decided to visit Lorsch, a small town located about 30 km south of Darmstadt and 60km south of Frankfurt. This town is famous for ‘Lorsch Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage site. 

How to reach Lorsch?

We drove down in a car. It is indeed the best way to reach Lorsch. One can get there using public transport too, but on weekends, the frequency of trains may be low, leaving you with less flexibility with time. However, from the train station, signs on the road to the Museum centre. It takes about 10 minutes from there to reach the Heritage site. Check the RMV App for the best options.

It takes about 30 minutes to drive from Darmstadt City centre to Lorsch by car. The roads are, of course, superb, and the sceneries are beautiful too. Just enter Nibelungenstraße 13 for navigation.

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What is the best time to visit Lorsch?

Both Summer and Winter are great times to visit Lorsch. We planned our trip at the onset of Spring on a sunny day. That way, we had plenty of daylight hours to visit different places. 

Whether you visit in summer or winter, if you plan a day trip, it is best to reach at least by 10 am to avoid the crowds. As the day progresses, more and more people arrive, and it can become pretty crowded.

A day at Lorsch

We reached around 10 am. We booked a guided tour (Stadtführung) at the museum entrance, which was expected to start around 11. So we had some time to spare. We walked around a little, exploring the town on our own. Then stopped by a cafe for some coffee and ice cream. 

Then it was time for the guided tour. Our tour guide took us around the Abbey and the king’s hall. She explained the history in a fun and interesting way. After the tour, we stopped by a restaurant for lunch at Back und Bauhaus Drayß. My review of the restaurant is posted here.

After lunch, we walked around a little more – This time around the Open Air Laboratory (Freilichtlabor), the church and peony garden, the barn, and the tobacco farms.  Around 5:00 pm, we decided to leave for Darmstadt. 

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Here are the top 5 experiences in Lorsch :

  1. World Heritage site Lorsch Abbey (Kloster Lorsch ) and Altenmünster: 

    The sight of the Abbey awaits you as soon as you enter the town. Walk around and explore it yourself or take a guided tour to understand its history. With the guided tour, one gets access to the king’s hall, which is otherwise not accessible. A field walk leads you to the open-air laboratory ( Freilichtlabor). One can purchase tickets at the entrance. You can walk in and explore yourself or take a guided tour. Houses, farms, stables, food stores, and agricultural areas – meadows, fields, and gardens are on display. The idea is to make one experience life in the middle ages.

  2. Understand the tobacco culture: 

    Tobacco cultivation and production have been an essential part of the lives of people living in Lorsch for a long time. One can visit the tobacco barn (Tabakscheune), former tobacco factories, and the tobacco museum. A guided tour is available for those interested in learning more. 
  3. Evangelical church and Peony Garden: 

    On the terraced grounds of the evangelical church, opposite the Abbey, a public peony garden has been created. It is always open. One can visit it to explore the beautiful flora and fauna. The church is also accessible for a visit.

  4. Tithe barn (Zehntscheune): 

    This former barn is converted into a museum that houses objects from over 200 years of excavation history at Lorsch Abbey. One has to buy a ticket to get access to the museum. 

  5. Explore the streets and green areas:

     Explore the beautiful streets and cosy restaurants and cafes in the town. Take some time out and enjoy a relaxed lunch at any restaurant or walk around enjoying your favourite ice cream. One idea would be to simply lie down under the shade of a tree with the sound of swaying branches and leaves and tweets of birds to relax you. A picnic basket with snacks and a ball or Frisbie ( or maybe even a cycle) to keep you active is another way to enjoy a day in Lorsch. 


Its proximity to Darmstadt makes Lorsch a wonderful place for a day trip from Darmstadt. 

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