11 Day Trip Ideas from Frankfurt

Frankfurt, the financial hub of Germany, is close to many lovely places that can be visited on a day trip. Today, my post is about 11 Day-Trips you can easily make from Frankfurt. I recommend making these trips during spring, summer or autumn because most involve being outdoors. Also, plenty of sunlight and long days can help you make the best of your day trip. Though all these places look lovely in winter too, some of the experiences (such as ship tours, museums etc) in the places I have recommended may be closed during that time. So, read the articles in detail, check the relevant websites ( mentioned in my articles) and plan your trip.

Please note that this list is based on my personal experience. I live in Germany and have visited all these places with my family, hence I recommend them.

Before I get to the list, let me inform you about my recommendations about travel:

Reaching each of these cities:

The best and fastest way to reach these cities is by car. If you don’t own a car, please read my articles listed below. I am sure, you will find them useful:

10 reasons to get a driving license in Germany
How to get a driving license in Germany- Step-by-Step guide
My Experience with renting a car in Germany

The next option is to use Deutsche Bahn (Germany’s train service provider) to travel to these cities. You can book your tickets using their official website.

Travel within the city:

Please click on the links shared below. You will find the relevant information there.

Now, let us start:

  1. Darmstadt:


    Located 36 km south of Frankfurt, in the state of Hesse ( same as Frankfurt) is the city of Darmstadt. Also called Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt, this city is best known for its university (Technical University Darmstadt), prominent companies like Merck, European Space agency offices, etc. Apart from these, the city also offers plenty to tourists. You can check my post: Top 15 Places to Visit in Darmstadt.
  2. Rüdesheim

    Located 58 km to the southwest of Frankfurt in the same state is the lovely town of Rüdesheim am Rhein. As the name says, this town is located along the Rhine River and is known for its lovely castles, vineyards and beautiful narrow streets. Cable car rides, river cruises, sightseeing, wine tasting and hikes are some of the experiences in this town. I have written two articles: A Detailed Guide to Visiting Rüdesheim am Rhein, Germany and 7 Best Experiences in Rüdesheim in a Day. Check them out. Also, check the photo gallery of this place here.
  3. Bingen

    While Rüdesheim lies on one bank of the river Rhine, the lovely town of Bingen lies on the other. Located about 72 km southwest of Frankfurt, in Rheinland Palatinate, this town is at par with Rüdesheim in natural beauty, historical structures and wine experiences. This place is a must-visit for nature, history, and adventure lovers. Read my article: A day trip to Bingen, in which I have shared detailed information that will help you plan your visit to Bingen. Also, read 5 Best Places to see and Things to do in Bingen. Also, check out the photo gallery of Bingen here.
  4. Heidelberg

    Walk back from Heidelberg Castle to old City

    Located 90 km south of Frankfurt in Baden Wurtenberg is the historical town of Heidelberg. Most famous for its University, this town, located along the Neckar River, is one of Germany’s most loved tourist destinations. Heidelberg Castle, the castle gardens, the river cruise and visiting the famous Heidelberg Zoo are some of the experiences in this city. Read my article: Top 10 Places to Visit and Things to Do in Heidelberg. This article talks about the top 10 experiences and gives information about planning your visit to Heidelberg. Check out the photo gallery of Heidelberg here.
  5. Aschaffenburg

    Located 36 km southeast of Frankfurt in Bavaria lies the lovely city of Aschaffenburg. This picturesque city, located along the Main River, is best known for Schloss Johannisburg, a 15th-century castle. Apart from the castle, visiting the city centre (called Altstadt), a Roman Villa Replica (Pompejanum) and a boat ride on the calm waters are some of the not-to-miss experiences in Aschaffenburg. Read my article: A day trip to Aschaffenburg, where I have shared information about travel, places to visit, etc. You can also check the photo gallery of Aschaffenburg here.
  6. Wiesbaden

    Located 40 km west of Frankfurt is the capital of Hesse, Wiesbaden. This spa city is known for its lovely parks, a beautiful city church and a climb up to the hill called Neoberg. You can either hike up or take the funicular. There are plenty of experiences, such as walking in the forest, climbing activities, visiting a church, and enjoying local food after climbing Neoberg. Read my article about Top 5 Places to see in Wiesbaden, in which I have shared detailed information about travel, accommodation, places to visit etc., in Wiesbaden. Check out the photo gallery of Wiesbaden here.
  7. Koblenz


    Located 123 km northwest of Frankfurt in Rhineland Palatinate, Koblenz is a lovely town located on the confluence of the Mosel and Rhine rivers. The Deutsches Eck ( an artificial headland at the confluence of the two rivers) is the most prominent landmark. You can add visiting the city centre, walking along the river, visiting Fort Ehrenbreitstein using the cable, and a river cruise to your experiences in Koblenz. Read my articles: A day trip to Koblenz – My experience, Useful Information for planning a day trip to Koblenz, Top 5 Places to See and Things to do in Koblenz in a day to plan your day trip to Koblenz.
  8. Heppenheim

    Heppenheim is a quaint town located 51 km south of Frankfurt in the state of Hesse. If you wish to spend a day amidst nature, away from the crowds, Heppenheim is the place for you. Visit the castle ( either by car or hike), visit the old city centre and make a visit to the lovely Saint Peters Church. Add wine tasting experience to this visit, and you are sure to have a memorable experience. Read my article about A day Trip To Heppenheim, Germany, in which I have shared information about travel to Heppenheim, travel within the city, places to visit, accommodation etc. Check out the photo gallery of Heppenheim here.
  9. Lorsch

    Located 59 km south of Frankfurt in the state of Hesse is Lorsch. This is yet another quaint town in Germany that you can visit if you wish to spend a day away from the crowds and noise of a big city. Lorsch is famous for its World Heritage site, Lorsch Abbey (Kloster Lorsch ). Apart from that, museums, open-air laboratories, tobacco farms, etc. Read my article: 5 Best Experiences in Lorsch, and check out the photo gallery here.
  10. Rothenburg

    Despite being 177 km from Frankfurt ( much more than other places on this list), I am adding Rothenburg. You can reach Rothenburg in about 2 hours from Frankfurt. Located in Bavaria, this medieval town is known for its medieval architecture, half-timbered houses, cobbled streets and medieval structures, including towers, churches, a market square and a fortification that encloses the town. If you choose a long summer day and reach the town early, you can experience most of the places in Rothenburg by the end of the day. Read my article: A short family holiday in Rothenburg, and also check out the photo gallery of Rothenburg here.
  11. Ludwigsburg

    Located 188 km south of Frankfurt in the state of Baden Württemberg is the lovely city of Ludwigsburg. Known for the royal palace, palatial gardens and the biggest pumpkin festival in Germany, Ludwigsburg has plenty of sites to visit for a day tourist. It takes about 2 hours to reach Ludwigsburg from Frankfurt, so if you choose a long summer day and start early, you can easily visit all the attractions and return home by evening. Read my article about Ludwigsburg: Holiday in Ludwigsburg, to know more about this city.

Hope you found this article useful.

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