The complete adventures of Feluda

The complete adventures of Feluda

The complete adventures of Feluda Volume 1 and Volume 2 are a treat for all mystery and adventure lovers. Written by the filmmaker and writer Satyajit Ray, these books take the reader into the world of a private detective Pradosh Mitter ( Feluda), and his cousin and aide, Tapesh Mitter ( Topshe), as they go about solving and unravelling mysteries.

Feluda is multitalented, knowledgeable, and a master of deduction. In no time, he graduates from an amateur detective to a highly respected and much-sought investigator. He gets employed by people from various backgrounds and different parts of the country to help solve their problems. He is one of the top sleuths in the country, and word about his excellent work spreads far and wide. 

Topshe is in complete awe of his elder cousin and loves accompanying him. He participates actively in solving cases and is enthusiastic about participating in this exciting life, solving crimes and mysteries. Sometimes, they are accompanied by Lal Mohan Babu ( Jatayu), a budding author of crime novels. Jatayu wants to take inspiration for his upcoming stories and needs someone to bounce off his ideas, so he joins the duo in their travels. He adds a comic element to the otherwise serious narration of the events and incidents.

Along with the trio, the reader travels across India from Darjeeling to Lucknow, from  Mumbai to Kolkatta, and sometimes even outside the country, uncovering the truth and revealing the faces of criminals.

The books comprise multiple stories, each with a different setup, a distinctive plot, and peculiar characters, making the reading experience unique and stimulating. This work by Satyajit Ray, inspired by Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, is a masterpiece and a must-read for anyone above 12 years of age. 

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