Schummel Tag Darmstadt

Schummeltag ( Street Food Fest )

Today I am writing about a Street Foodfest called ‘Schummeltag’ that takes place in various locations in Germany, starting in spring. It is a street food fest with many yummy delicacies from different cuisines worldwide.
Schummeln means ‘ to cheat,’ and Tag means ‘Day’ in German. So, it translates to ‘Cheat day ‘.

As the name says, it is all about some delicious street food to tingle your taste buds. But it has more to offer. There is a sitting place, peppy music, and a fun environment. There is no entry ticket, but one has to buy the food and drinks independently. 

All the details about the event are available at

They have individual Facebook pages for fests in different locations. For Example, for my city, Darmstadt, the link is given below:

This year, in 2023, the event took place in Karolinenplatz, Darmstadt, in early April.

My readers can look for their city-specific page on Facebook.

But for my readers, I am posting some important information :


Rocking High GmbH

An der Römerstraße 18

89331 Burgau


For those who want to visit: 

Go there and have a good time!

For those who are in the food business and would like to put up a stall/set up a food truck: 

See this link:

You must fill out the form, send it to the organizers, and take it forward. The opportunity to put up a stall in Darmstadt is not there anymore ( since the fest starts today), but certainly, there is an opportunity to put it up in other locations and, in the future, in Darmstadt too.  

Schummeltag street food festival keeps taking place in Darmstadt and nearby areas. To keep yourself updated about upcoming events, check their website (link above).

To read about events happening in and around Darmstadt, click here.

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