Spargelfest in Darmstadt

Today, after spending a fun-filled day at the Spargelfest at Bauer Lipp farm near Darmstadt, Germany, I decided to come and write about it and introduce my readers to this event.

Spargel means Asparagus. Mid-April, marks the beginning of the harvest season for this vegetable. It is during this time that the freshest and the juiciest asparaguses reach the supermarkets and are available for everyone to buy.

Although supermarkets sell asparagus, the best and the freshest produce is always available at farms. Therefore, many people flock to the farms to buy this fresh produce from the farm shops. And farms not only sell fresh produce but also offer a whole range of experiences. This could be by organizing events related to the harvest, creating opportunities for people to understand how the plant grows and offering them a hands-on experience by allowing them to harvest, or by setting up stalls and selling food made with fresh farm produce.

Spargelfest is organized by Bauer Lipp Farms, who own substantial cultivable lands near Darmstadt. They have farms, farm shops, farm restaurants etc. In the same way, as they organize, Kurbisparadies ( Pumpkin festival) during autumn, every year, at the beginning of spring, they organize Spargelfest.

You can get more details on their official website:

What can one expect at Spargelfest?

  1. If you have small kids, you can practically spend a day there. There is a play area where kids can run around together and soak up the sun. And, while the kids have fun, families relax and enjoy the festivities.

  2. You can buy freshly harvested farm produce, including seasonal fruit like strawberries, vegetables and, of course, asparagus, from the farm shop.

  3. You can taste local delicacies like strawberry cake, Pflammkuchen made with asparagus, Bruscetta etc., with beer or freshly prepared juices. And, of course, there are always Pommes ( French Fries) and Bratwurst ( Bread and Sausage).

  4. You make your visit a learning experience by registering in advance and participating in various events like asparagus harvesting. More information is available here.


In this article, I wrote about my experience at Bauer Lipp. However, many farms near Darmstadt and all around Germany offer similar experiences. Just use the keyword, Spargelfest OR Spargel Ernte OR Spargelstechen and search the internet, and you should be able to find something near you.

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