Graffiti Workshops, Darmstadt

Can I express myself using Graffiti art, and if so, how do I do it? Is doing Graffiti on the walls illegal in Darmstadt?

I am writing today’s article to answer these questions and inform my readers about this exciting way for expression that children can learn and execute.

Is making graffiti art in Darmstadt completely illegal?

The answer is no. There are three recognized spots in Darmstadt where Graffiti can be legally done. These are:

1. Lincoln Wall:

Location here.

The “Lincoln Wall Jam” also takes place here annually with cultural events, music, and food. It usually takes place in September. Here, professionals display their work, and beginners also get a chance to learn.

2. Ewwerscht Wall:

Location here.

3. Blütentunnel:

Location here.

How does one go about it?

Youth and school-going children can join a group called the ‘Jugendforum.’ Jugendforum is open to all young people who live or attend school in Darmstadt. It gives a platform to the youth to express themselves and raise their concerns to the politicians. Here, like-minded people can meet and discuss and develop projects for which they can obtain funding from the Jugendforum. 

Their official website is

Jugendform is supported by Jugendbildungswerk der Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt, a municipal youth education centre. Its primary task is to help young people recognize their personal and social living conditions, assert their social interests, and advance and realize democratization in all areas.

Apart from providing a platform for the youth to exchange ideas and express their opinions, the Jugendforum also organizes workshops on subjects like screen printing, Graffiti, and upcycling. Interested people can join the Jugendforum, participate in these workshops, and learn the correct technique of Graffiti art. 

Jugendforum can be contacted using the contact form or the phone numbers on their website.

Click here to read about other workshops and activities for schoolchildren in Darmstadt.

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