Today, I am writing about an exciting program I found for 4th to 6th graders in Darmstadt. It is called the ‘ Umweltdiplom.’

Since 2003, the city of Darmstadt has organized this program every year and has found great acceptance from parents and children alike.

What is Umweltdiplom?  

Umweltdiplom is an environmental and leisure-time educational program for children aged ten to twelve. The idea is to familiarize children with nature, environment, and sustainability issues with the help of hands-on activities.

It takes place from the beginning of spring ( around the beginning of April )until the summer holidays (end of July). The children are awarded an environmental diploma at the end of the project. 

How does it work? 

Around the end of March, the registration starts. The link is available here. The brochure with the activities-on offer is posted on the website a few days before the registration link becomes active. Hence, parents and children have enough time to think and decide which projects they would like the participate in. The decision can be taken based on interest and the time & date on which the activities take place. Once the registration link is active, parents can book tickets for the activities that interest them. Usually, one has to choose a minimum of four activities. All activities are free. The idea behind booking is to reserve a seat.

 These activities are of two types :

  • Activities with a fixed day and time: These are done under the supervision of an instructor at a designated place. The activities for Yr. 2023 are here.
  • Activities that don’t have a fixed day and time: These can be done either at home or outside under the parent’s supervision. The activities for Yr. 2023 are here.

Next Steps

Parents should take children on the assigned dates to the project location. Picking and dropping is the parent’s responsibility. After completing the tasks, children should get their ‘Umweltdiplom pass’ stamped. The stamp is proof that the child has completed the assigned tasks. 

In this way, the child participates in all the projects ( for which they were registered) and collects stamps. 

 Around early August ( Parents should verify the date from the brochure), the Umwelt pass ( with the stamps) must be sent to the authorities to be validated. After the summer holidays, the parent will receive a mail/post that everything is verified. It also contains an invitation to come and collect the certificate ( with the date, time, and venue). 

 A stall is usually set up at Luisenplatz or any nearby place in the centre of Darmstadt on the specified date, from where one can collect the certificate.

umweltdiplom Darmstadt

Umweltdiplom is an enriching activity for children and brings them closer to the idea of environmental protection, sustainability, and living in harmony with nature. They can benefit a great deal by participating in hands-on activities curated for them by professionals.

To know more about other activities and experiences in Darmstadt, click here.

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