Zoo Vivarium-Jugendclub

Vivarium is a zoo in Darmstadt, and it hosts a club called the Jugendclub for animal-loving children between 10-14 years of age. Each year, after the autumn break, Zoo Vivarium starts a fresh batch for the Jugendclub through a registration process.

What are the activities that the club undertakes?

Activities like making an aquarium or building a nesting box for bees are taken up under a mentor, and children get hands-on experience working with animals and helping them.

Where are the sessions organized?

The sessions take place in Vivarium.

Zoo Vivarium Darmstadt

Schnampelweg 5

64287 Darmstadt

What is the duration of each session, and when does it start?

Every year, a new batch of interested children is created after the autumn holidays. This year, i.e., Yr.2022, the sessions start from 7th November (Monday). A total of eight sessions are organized, each lasting about 2-3 hours.

What is the fee?

The fee is a total of 50 Euros for all the sessions. However, an entry ticket to the zoo must be purchased every time. 

How to register your child?

Registrations are accepted under the telephone number 06151 / 13 46 900. Further information can be checked at Vivarium’s official website: https://zoo-vivarium.de/zoo-jungendclub/

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