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My Weekly Update: 15th May 2023

Dear Readers,

We are already halfway through the month. The weather is becoming better day by day, and there is more sunshine and warmth of the sun that touches the skin:). I hope you all are as excited as I am and are looking forward to the week ahead.

Last week I managed to write some articles and update some old ones with new information I have gathered. So, here is my weekly update for you.

  1. Under the Books and Storyline tab, you will find two new articles. One is the review for a book named Palace of Illusions. It is a beautiful take on the Mahabharata narrated by Draupadi. I totally loved it reading the epic tale from the woman’s point of view. The second article is the storyline and review of a book named Number the Stars. This book is meant for children between 10- 13 years of age and is based on the events in Denmark during the 2nd World War.
  2. In MY KITCHEN Page, I updated a couple of recipes:
    – For all those wondering what to make out of the spring vegetable Asparagus, there are three recipes: Asparagus Soup, Potato Asparagus Sabzi, and Spring Onion Pesto and Asparagus Bread.
    – I have also updated 100% tried and tested Samosa Recipe. It is a no-fail recipe and a must-try on a free weekend. I made a big batch for a school program, and it got over even before the event started :). So, do try it.
    – For those struggling to make crispy dosas at home, I have updated my recipe for Masala Dosa with all the tips and tricks.
    – The varieties of bread in German Supermarkets are plenty, but Indian Pav is nowhere to be seen! Luckily making Ladi Pav is not at all difficult. Check out my recipe for Pav Bhaji, in which I have shared the recipe for Pav and soft pillowy pavs.
    – If you visit an Indian shop near you, you are sure to find Sanke Gourd and Raw bananas. I was surely lucky to find them. Check out my recipes for Snake Gourd Yoghurt Curry and Raw Banana Sabzi. Indeed a welcome change from the usual everyday recipes!
  3. On the GERMAN SUPERMARKET page, I finally have a new article: Understanding Potatoes in German supermarkets, in which I have shared detailed information about the varieties available, what the labels mean etc. In addition, I have updated my Guide to sourcing Ghee in Germany, which details the products available and the method to extract Cream, Butter, Ghee, Paneer and Whey. Also, I have updated my article about Flour in German supermarkets.
  4. On my TRAVEL AND HOLIDAYS page, the articles that I have updated are: 3 Days holiday in Hamburg, Germany ; 4 Days Holiday in Berlin, Germany ; 3 Days in Nuremberg and Ingolstadt, Germany. In all these articles, I have given detailed information about travel, accommodation, places to visit etc. It will be helpful for those planning a holiday to these locations.
  5. On my PHOTO GALLERY Page, you will find lovely pictures from all three locations mentioned above- Hamburg, Berlin, Nuremberg & Ingolstadt.
  6. And finally, on my Germany-My Learnings page, I wrote a new article about my experience renting a car in Germany. Those who have just received their licences and have not yet bought a car may find it helpful. It will also be useful to those who plan to rent a car in their holiday destination. You can also check my article about Holiday in Croatia, where I have shared detailed car rental information.

Happy Reading, and have a great week ahead!

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