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My Weekly Update: 22nd May 2023

Dear Readers,

It’s finally summer in Germany! The weather is excellent, and it’s great to dress up light, spend time outdoors in the lovely parks, gardens, and forests and make occasional day trips to quaint towns and cities. I hope you all are having a lovely time and making the most of this weather.

Last week I managed to write some articles and update some old ones with new information I have gathered. So, here is my weekly update for you.

  1. In my TRAVEL and HOLIDAYS page, I updated my article about our 6 days holiday in Belgium, in which we visited Brussels, Bruges and Ghent. In the article, I have updated details about travel to and from Brussels, travel within the country and cities, places to visit, accommodation details etc. Anyone planning a holiday to Belgium will find this article useful.
  2. In my Gallery page, I updated 3 photo galleries, one each from Brussels, Bruges and Ghent. Check out the lovely pictures taken in these three locations in Belgium. If you are planning a holiday to Belgium, these pictures will virtually take you there and give you an idea about what to expect when you get there.
  3. In my GERMANY-MY LEARNINGS page, I have written a detailed article about the German Integration program ( der Integrationskurs), which involves learning German and the basics of German history and politics. This program is a subsidised German learning program meant for foreigners. If you are new to Germany and are yet to start learning German, please read this article. It will help you understand what to expect, how to go about it etc.
  4. In Darmstadt-My City Page, I updated the article about Mathildenhöhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in my city and a must-visit when in Darmstadt. The article contains information about the place, its history, and plenty of pictures.
  5. And finally, in MY KITCHEN Page, I have updated a couple of recipes. These are all tried and tested recipes, which I always use in my kitchen. So, check out the recipe for Palak Paneer ( a delicious cottage cheese and spinach recipe), Chana Dal Dhokla ( a vegetarian protein-rich and yummy breakfast recipe, Aalu Methi Sabzi ( a sabzi recipe with potatoes and fresh fenugreek leaves), Curry Leaf Chicken ( a unique recipe combining chicken with flavourful curry leaves), Makhane Ki Namkeen ( a healthy alternative to chips and fried snacks)and Bhalla Papdi Chaat ( to satisfy your craving to eat something tangy. A perfect weekend evening recipe!)

Happy Reading, and have a great week ahead!

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