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10 Enjoyable Board/Card Games that I bought for my children in Germany

Board games and card games are quite enjoyable, but children are losing interest in them due to their constant exposure to computers, phones and other gadgets. When I newly arrived in Germany, the one thing that I was pretty eager to explore was board and card games.

In India, my children had already explored chess, carrom board, scrabble, pictionary etc. To keep their interest in board games alive, I researched them extensively and bought them every now and then. Some were super fun, and the others were not so great.

Today, I am listing down ten board/card games that my children and their friends found absolutely enjoyable. These games have become their most treasured possessions. We play these games on weekends and at children’s parties and have always found them wonderful and entertaining.

Most of these games are unavailable in India, so you could consider buying them as gifts for your cousins, nieces and nephews back home.

So let us start.

  1. Exploding Kittens

    Exploding Kittens

    Number of players: 2-10
    Age: 7+

    When I think of the most fun and engaging game for kids, the first name that comes to my mind is Exploding Kittens. Each player gets different ‘ kitten’ cards and one diffuse card. The pack contains Exploding kitten cards too, and each player has to avoid getting that at any cost. They can use a diffuse card to prevent the explosion, but what if they don’t have one? This is a unique game card game that requires strategy and planning. Children are sure to have fun exploring and exploding kittens! Get this game here.
  2. Imploding Kittens

    Imploding Kittens

    Number of players: 2-10
    Age: 7+

    Imploding Kittens is an extension of Exploding Kittens. After having played Exploding Kittens and mastered it, my children wanted more. Therefore, we bought this extension pack. And it didn’t disappoint at all! Imploding Kittens takes the game a level up and increases its complexity. In addition, to imploding kitten cards, you get a bunch of other Kitten cards, which add to the fun element of the game and allow you to use more strategies and up your game plan. Get this game here.
  3. Quixx


    Number of players: 2-5
    Age: 8+, suitable for adults too

    Recently, when I was reading about an event called Darmstadt Spielt in my city, Darmstadt, I came across this game. Curious to know more, I saw a few videos and understood how this was played. Soon after, the game was ordered. Since the time Quixx has arrived in my home, it has become a popular party game and one that children love to play with their friends. This engaging game involves coloured and white dies and playing slips ( like in Tambola) that each person gets. As the die is rolled, numbers from left to right need to be crossed. Ultimately, the number of crosses is totalled, and the winner is determined. It is undoubtedly an exciting and engaging game. Get the game here.
  4. The Game

    The game

    Number of players: 1-5
    Age: 8+, suitable for adults too

    I found this game particularly unique because, in this game, you don’t play against any player. The players play against ‘the Game’! Cards are distributed among the players, and they take turns putting them in increasing and decreasing order—the objective is to use up all the cards. Players can strategize amongst each other. So far, we have not been able to win against ‘the game’, which has kept the interest in the game. Every time, we play with a higher determination to succeed! Get this game here.
  5. Rush Hour

    Rush Hour

    Number of players: 1
    Age: 8+, suitable for adults too

    Once, during a trip to Koblenz, Germany, we visited a Ravensburger game centre, where we got introduced to Rush Hour and instantly got hooked. The game seems pretty straightforward; the idea is to move your car out of a traffic jam. A bunch of cards of different difficulty levels show a specific traffic arrangement. You have to place the cars and other vehicles as per the arrangement pictured on the card and then strategize to clear the jam successfully. An exciting game indeed! Get this game here.
  6. Afrikan Tähti

    Afrikan Tahti

    Number of players: 2-5
    Age: 8+

    We received Afrikan Tähti as a gift from our friends visiting us from Finland. Through them, we learned that it is one of the most popular games in Finland. Apparently, there is one in almost every home in Finland! This is a board game with the map of Africa printed on it. Players roll the die and move as per the number on the die. The objective is to find the diamond hidden somewhere in Africa without being attacked by pirates and before losing all your money! This is a game full of thrill and adventure! Get this game here.
  7. Scotland Yard

    Scotland Yard

    Number of players: 2-6
    Age: 10+

    There is Mr X, and there are five detectives. The board has a map of London, and Mr X is hidden somewhere. He shows himself up at certain intervals in the game. The detectives must take the bus, taxi or underground to chase and track him down. This game requires strategizing among all the detectives to catch Mr X, who has many tools in his kitty. He can hide, hop between locations, and be invisible most of the time! Scotland Yard is great for introducing children to teamwork, charting plans and strategizing. Get this game here.
  8. Framework


    Number of players: 1-4
    Age: 8+

    We received this game too, as a gift. This game is not just entertaining; it is about thinking and charting out a plan to pick the right cards and placing them next to each other to gain the maximum points. Each player gets pawns that they need to exhaust. They take turns and form a framework using the cards with printed patterns. Not only do they have to pick the correct pattern, they also have to conceive a plan to place them in the right place, enabling them to exhaust their pawns faster. Framework is an interesting and mind-boggling game indeed! Get this game here.
  9. Code master


    Number of players: 1 or more
    Age: 10+

    This is an excellent game for all kids who like logical thinking. Code Master can be considered an introduction to algorithms and programming. But instead of working before the screen, children can apply their analytical skills and achieve targets and objectives on a printed sheet. You receive a booklet with patterns drawn on each page. You also receive pawns which you place on the pattern. Then as per the instructions, the player has to think of the logical sequence of events that would lead to the desired result. Indeed an excellent exercise for the mind! Get this game here.
  10. Geheim Codes

    Geheim Codes

    Number of players: 1 or more
    Age: 10+

    Geheim codes means secret codes. This game introduces children to encryption and description. With the help of paper sheets with coding templates, a coding disc, secret writing cards and code grids, you can create a Kryptex, which can be used to keep secret messages safely. It is fun encoding and having it decoded by friends! Get this game here.

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