Kurbisparadies- A Pumpkin Art Fest near Darmstadt

It’s October. The Pumpkin harvest season is back, and so is Kurbisparadies. Every year, at Steinbrücker Hof in Weiterstadt (about 5 km from Darmstadt, Germany), thousands of pumpkins of different shapes and sizes are decorated and put on display in a one-of-its-kind pumpkin festival called Kurbisparadies. More than 140 varieties of pumpkins are displayed, and beautiful and creative structures are designed with them.

What is Kurbisparadies?

Kurbisparadies is a pumpkin art exhibition by Bauer Lipp in the front yard of their farmland. Every year, this exhibition attracts thousands of visitors who flock in to get this unique experience. It starts around the end of September and lasts till the beginning of November.

The top 6 experiences that you can have here are:

  1. Visit the open-air exhibition and enjoy the beautiful creations:
    The structures created are beautiful, and new themes are adopted each year.

  2. Carve your pumpkin and take it home:
    Tables are laid out in the backyard, and all the tools needed to carve pumpkins are available. Visitors can explore their creative side and get their pumpkins ready for Halloween.

  3. Enjoy a delicious meal made from local produce from the farm:
    With a wide range of food on the menu and plenty of seating arrangements, visitors can pick their favourite food and enjoy it in a fun and lively atmosphere. 

  4. Buy the in-house specialities from the farm shop:
    The farm shop offers local produce like fresh vegetables, fruits, baked goodies, and wines in addition to in-house specialities like marmalade made with the family recipe passed down generations.

  5. Let your children play in the open play area or spend time with the farm animals:
    There is plenty of open space to play and run around, making it an ideal place for kids under ten to spend a fun-filled and active day.

  6. Find your way through the maislabyrinth ( a cornfield maze):
    Adjoining the farm is a cornfield maze that can be accessed separately and is a fun experience for families with small kids. 

With so many activities on offer, Kurbisparadies is undoubtedly an experience not to be missed. If you go there with small kids and undertake all the activities, you can easily spend a day here.

Some notes for my readers:

  • On a good weather day, the place can get very crowded. So account for the time of queueing up for entry tickets, buying food, etc. If you are visiting with small kids, it may be a good idea to carry some food since getting food on busy days can take time.
  • There are separate tickets for the Kurbisausstellung ( Pumpkin exhibition)and maislabyrinth ( corn maze) and hence separate queues.
  • If you wish just to visit the farm shop and not see the pumpkin exhibition, you can skip the long queue for the exhibition, enter the farmyard and get into the queue for the shop. The queue for the shop is much smaller than that for the exhibition. ( Note: The long queue that you see outside is only for the ticket for the Exhibition and not for the shop)

More details about the event and other activities at the farm can be found here:


Check out some more pictures taken at this event on my gallery page.

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