Events in Darmstadt

Kurbisparadies- A Pumpkin Art Fest near Darmstadt

It’s October. The Pumpkin harvest season is back, and so is Kurbisparadies. Every year, at Steinbrücker Hof in Weiterstadt (about 5 km from Darmstadt), thousands of pumpkins of different shapes and sizes are decorated and put up on display in a one of its kind Pumpkin festival called Kurbisparadies.

Weltkindertag, Darmstadt

Weltkindertag is an event organized in Darmstadt to celebrate International Children’s day. Read more about this interesting event for children.

9 Not-To-Miss Fests in Darmstadt, Germany, in 2023

Summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring, the festival season in Germany never ends. Darmstadt, the city where I live, lives up to the expectations and is alive with celebration and merriment at the onset of every season. Here are the 9 Not-To-Miss Fests in Darmstadt, Germany, in 2023

Weinfest, Darmstadt

Every year, around the end of August and the beginning of September, Darmstadt celebrates the Weinfest. This festival attracts huge crowds from in and around Darmstadt and transforms the city center from a shopping area to a lively party zone.

Kinderflohmarkt, Darmstadt

Kinderflohmarkt is an interesting event for children, which allows them to sell their used books, toys and clothes. Read more about this event that takes place in Darmstadt.

Heinerfest, Darmstadt

Heinerfest is undoubtedly the most awaited summer festival in Darmstadt, Germany. It is organized in the 1st week of July every year, the key highlights being rides, performances, food and game stalls and activities for everyone.

Spargelfest in Darmstadt

Spargelfest is a springfest that celebrates the harvest of one of the most loved ingredients in the German kitchen- Asparagus. Read more about this event in Darmstadt.

Sport & Spielfest, Darmstadt

Every year, on the last Sunday of June, the sports and games festival (Sport & Spiel Fest) is organized in Herrngarten by the sports department ( Sportamt) of Darmstadt, the sports district( Sportkreis) of Darmstadt-Dieburg, and the main sponsor – The science and technology company Merck.

Schlossgrabenfest-Darmstadt, Germany

Schlossgrabenfest is a music festival that takes place in the city center, of Darmstadt, Germany every year around May. Check out more details here.

Stadtradeln (City Cycling)

Stadtradeln is a city cycling event that takes place every year all across Germany for 21 continuous days anytime between May and September. The aim is to promote environment-friendly travel, reduce carbon emissions and bring any bad street conditions to the notice of the authorities.

Das Fürstliche Gartenfest

Das Fürstliche Gartenfest is an event that focuses on Equestrian sport and gardening. It has been taking place for many years. Since last year, the event has been taking place in Krinichstein near Darmstadt.

Schummeltag ( Street Food Fest)

This article is about a Street Foodfest called ‘Schummeltag’ that takes place in various locations in Germany in Spring and Summer.

Darmstadt Space Days

Darmstadt Space Days is an event for all science fiction lovers and space fans. In Yr.2022, it took place on 1st and 2nd October in Darmstadt. Read more about it here: