Boys’ Day/Girls’ Day

Today, I am writing about a nationwide ( Germany )career orientation program for boys and girls above ten ( upwards of grade 5) that takes place every year on the 4th Thursday of April. Although it also takes place in other countries, I’m writing about the one in Germany.

What is Boys’ Day/Girls’ Day?

Boys day /Girls day is a career orientation program that introduces young boys and girls to unconventional career options. Typically careers in hospitality, healthcare, etc., are associated with women, while careers in engineering, research, etc., are looked at as those for men. This program encourages children to break the gender stereotype and try out careers traditionally taken up by the opposite gender.

What happens on Boys’ day/Girls’ day?

On this day, workshops, trainings, and internships are offered, and children are free to enrol in a program they choose. Although it falls on a weekday, i.e., a school day, students are exempted from attending school if they participate in the event.

What are the career options that boys and girls can explore on this day? 

Boys get to explore careers as child educationists, pharmacists, media designers, psychologists, and many more, and girls get to try jobs in engineering, technology, paramedics, etc. Details about these careers, including qualifications needed/ expected salary, etc., are also given on the official website of Boys day / Girls Day.

How can one participate?

  1. Interested students should first enrol themselves on the official website of Boys day/ girls day, given below:;
  2. After enrolling, choose a program near you and one you find interesting using the links below and register yourself:

Now, you can take a physical copy of the same and carry it with you on the day of the event. 

The letter format to be sent to the school for being excused can be downloaded from the official website.

In addition, there are competitions announced a few months before the event in which all registered students can participate. 

Boys day/Girls day is an exciting program that helps open young minds to various career options irrespective of gender. ‘The day at work’ allows them to get a real-life feel of the job. Every year, they can explore something new, which can help them make career choices later in life.

To learn about other programs for school children, Click here.

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