Finance 101 for kids

Finance 101 for kids -Review

‘Finance 101 for kids’ is a book every parent should get for their child, especially if their children will soon handle money independently.

Walter Andal has covered most of the commonly used terms in the context of finance and economics and straightforwardly explained them using examples from everyday life-something they can relate to and understand. The illustrations are nice and funny, which brings about a light moment now and then.

There are many topics, for example, Inflation, Credit, Budgets, Stock Market, etc., which parents struggle to explain to their children without complicating them too much. The author does the job perfectly by decoding them in a language children can understand. He also integrates essential aspects such as the need to save, the importance of giving, etc., which are equally important and makes it holistic.

 All in all, an informative and interesting book.

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