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8 Quick and Easy Potato Side Dishes made the Indian Way

Potato is a versatile vegetable. It is easy to store, and a bag of potatoes is almost always available in my home. I love combining potatoes with other vegetables and make varieties of dishes. In India, we use potatoes in many dishes; we add them to our Biryanis, we stuff them in paranthas, we coat them in batter and make fritters, and of course, we make dry and gravy dishes with them.

Today’s post is about 8 side dishes with potatoes made the Indian way. These are called ‘Sukhi Sabzi’ in Hindi. Basically, these dishes have no gravy and are perfect when paired with, say, Rice & Dal OR Roti/chapati & Dal etc.

If you live in Germany and like making different dishes with potatoes, do check out my article: Different Types of Potatoes in German Supermarkets- Explained. It will help you understand the different varieties available in supermarkets in Germany and help you choose the right potato for your dish.

I shall be adding more recipes to this post. So, watch this space 🙂

For now, I have 8 Potato based side dishes made the Indian way!

8 Quick and Easy Potato Side Dishes Made the Indian Way:

  1. Aalu Gobi

    Combine and cook potatoes, cauliflower and a bunch of Indian spices, and you are ready with Aalu Gobi sabzi. Check out the recipe here.
  2. Jeera Aalu

    You only need potatoes, cumin, and coarsely ground spices to make this quick and easy dish. Even beginners can make this. Check out the recipe here.
  3. Aalu Fry

    Aalu Fry

    Heat oil, add chopped potatoes and a few spices, and fry till the potatoes turn crispy. This simple side dish elevates any dish that it is paired with. Check out the recipe here.
  4. Aalu Beans

    aalu Beans Sabzi

    When beans are in season, make sure to try out this dish. It combines potatoes with French beans to make a simple and heartwarming dish. Check out the recipe here.
  5. Aalu Simlamirch

    Add lovely colours to your menu by making this dish that combines potatoes and capsicums. Get capsicums of all colours and cook them with potatoes and mild Indian spices. Check out the recipe here.
  6. Aalu Methi

    Aalu Methi Sabzi

    This is a much-loved winter recipe. When you get your hands on fresh fenugreek leaves, make sure you try this recipe. It will leave you asking for more. Check out the recipe here.
  7. Aalu Asparagus

    This is a relatively less-known combination but tastes great nonetheless. Pick up the most tender asparagus in spring and make this dish. I’m sure you will love it. See the recipe here.
  8. Aalu Dill

    Aalu Dill Sabzi

    A unique taste and flavour indeed. This dish hardly requires any spices to elevate itself. The addition of dill leaves gives it a lovely taste and aroma. Check out the recipe here.

Check out other recipes from my kitchen here.

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