Most of my readers know that I am an Indian and have spent most of my life in India. Presently I live in Germany.

Food brings us joy, but cooking can be an overwhelming experience, especially when we are out of our comfort zone. In India, we have all the pots and pans, from Roti Tawasidli makers, and Puttu stands to the right kadhais to fry our pooris and papads. In addition, all the ingredients are readily available. But when we move to another country, we are out of our comfort zone. We don’t get our favourite vegetables; we miss making some of the dishes we grew up with because we don’t have the suitable vessel to make them, or we sometimes don’t get the same smell and taste despite following the recipes we used back home.

Keeping these challenges in mind, I have created this page. Here you will find recipes and workarounds I have tried while living in Germany. Although my home mostly has the lovely aroma of Indian food, I often try food from other countries too. I am a proud possessor of an all-embracing kitchen where we, as a family, cook all the dishes that intrigue us. In my recent quest to understand products in German supermarkets, I got inspired to try international cooking. The inspiration also came from our travels and family holidays. Therefore, apart from sharing Indian recipes, I have also shared recipes for foods that caught my interest while living in Germany.

If you are looking for a specific recipe, use the search button at the top. Else, scroll down and see what interests you. I have also put a translate button at the top so that readers can read my website’s contents in their chosen language.

Happy Reading!